Mutual Funds
​In order to meet the need of assessing savings in capital market instruments, the mutual fund is a collective investment organisation based on the professionel management of money or other assets collected from savers.
​Mutual funds are named by the weight of assets in the fund portfolio. You can visit the "Mutual Fund" page at to get detailed information for the fund types founded by İş Asset Management.
​Funds founded by İş Asset Management and funds traded in Turkey Electronic Funds Exchange (TEFAS) Platform can be bought via Isbank banking channels.
​Funds of İş Asset Management and others can be bought via Isbank Branches, İşCep and Internet Branch.
​Buy and sell orders for mutual funds can be given 24/7. You can visit the "Mutual Fund" page at to get detailed information for the trading hours of İş Asset Management funds.
​You can visit "Prices and Rates" page at to get information about daily prices of funds founded by İş Asset Management. In additon to this, for past price data you can visit İş Asset Management website.
​You can visit "Fund Bulletin" page at web site for informaiton about portfolio structure and periodical returns of İş Asset Management mutual funds.
According to the relevant legislation, it is not possible to make future estimation about the returns of mutual funds.  However, you can visit "Fund Bulletin" page at web site for informaiton about past returns of İş Asset Management mutual funds. 

​Current taxation principles for mutual funds can be found in the page of "Tax Manuel" in
​Moneybox Hybrid Fund’s investment objective is seeking return in the long run for the future of children who are currently under 18. At least 20% of the fund portfolio is invested in fixed-income products, at least another portion of 20% of the portfolio is invested in stocks and the rest is invested in XAU, TRL and FX.
Moneybox Hybrid Fund can be bought to the behalf of children under the age of 18. You can buy the fund for your own children or you can give others as a gift. Bought funds are collected at the "Moneybox Fund Account".

​After opening a Moneybox Fund Account by visiting any of Our Braches, you can buy and sell Moneybox Hybrid Fund via Internet Branch, 0 850 724 0 724 or Branch.
One-time buying order for Moneybox Hybrid Fund should be at least 30 TRY.
You can also give regular fund buying order for Moneybox Hybrid Fund with minimum threshold amount in 700 and minimum tradable amount in 30 TRY. (Buying orders should be increased by 100 after 700)
​You can give Moneybox Hybrid Fund as a gift. For this, you should visit any of our branches and specifiying the name of the child is enough.  Then a receipt is given to you.
Then, parent of the child can transfer the Moneybox Hybrid Fund to the account will be opened behalf of the child with this receipt.
​You can buy the Eurobonds, which are issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, via our Branches, Bankamatik, Telephone Banking and Internet Branch. The minimum nominal value is USD 1000 or EUR 1000 according to the bond. You should have a non-term FX account in the same currency with the bond and an Investment Account in order to buy Eurobond.
​Please note that the Eurobond price is listed as dirty price in our Bank. No extra fee is charged to buy Eurobonds.
​AccountGold Deposit Account
Term Gold Deposit Account
Regular Buying Order
Gold Days At Branches
Gold Transfer
Gold Deposit Account; Gold Deposit Account enables you to invest in gold safely . With the Gold Deposit Account you have the opportunity to invest in gold even with small amounts and increments of 0.01 grams. Buying gold of 1 gram in 995/1000 purity corresponds to 1 XAU in value.
Opening Gold Deposit Account: You can open a Gold Deposit Account Gold account via our branches , through our Internet Banking Branch or via İşcep.
Trading Channels: The purchase and sale transactions can be made through our branches, Internet Banking Branch, İşCep, Telephone Banking Branch and ATMs.
Commissions and Fees in Gold Deposit Account Gold Account: There is no charge or commission on Gold Deposit Account and there is no tax deduction on earnings arising from gold trading transactions.
Term Gold Deposit Account: By means of the Term Gold Deposit Account you get the opportunity to earn interest on your gold savings without incurring the risk of theft or loss.
Opening Term Gold Deposit Account : You can open term gold deposit account via our branches  and thorugh Internet Banking Branch. You can open your Term Gold Deposit account with at least 10 grams of gold and continue investing in increments of 0.01 grams for maturities extending from 6 months to 1 year.
Commissions and Fees in Term Gold Account ; The interest earned at maturity on Term Gold Deposit Account is subject to a Withholding Tax deduction of 15%
​You can make regular gold savings for yourselves, your friends or your relatives by giving order once via Internet or our branches. You can give regular gold purchase orders via either “İşBank's credit card” or “current TL account”.
You can give orders at the nearest branch to you or via our Internet Branch.
​You can transfer ınvestment account’s residual to your Gold Deposit Account via our brances and via Internet Banking Branch without any loss at their value.
Let your gold stay invested without the risk of being stolen or lost.You can bring your gold and gold jewelry to the Gold Days of İşbank arranged at branches and have the value of your gold in grams appraised by experts deposited to your Gold Deposit Account.
Within the Gold Days at Branches, no commission or fee is charged for the transfer of gold to the Gold Deposit Account Gold.
​You can learn branches Gold Days of İşbank arranged> Individual> Investment Products> Gold> Gold Days at Branches
It’s possible to transfer increments of 0,01 grams
Our Bank’s buying and selling prices are automatically determined by these variables. A narrow band pricing is carried out during Turkey’s open market hours (09:00-18:00) . Outside Open Market hours and holidays a broad band pricing is implemented.
Detailed Informaition

​You can buy and sell gold in working hours at branches and  through our Internet Banking Branch, İşCep, ATMs and Telephone Banking Branch for 24 hours.
Phsically delivering of gold that is in your account could be carried out if the delivery amount is 5 kg or above . (etc . 6 kg , 7 kg ….) . You should inform the branch that you have a Gold Deposit Acoount within 3 days before the delivery date you wish. To fullfill your demad , gold bars are to be taken from Istanbul Stock Exchange Precious Metals Markets and to be delivered to Cağaloğlu/Istanbul and ISWEST/Istwest Branch at your disposal.
Physical Gold Delivery Fee : You can contact with the branch that you have an account about the fee.
Ounce price and USDTRY  are the two main variables that determine the the price of gold in TRY.
Our Bank’s buying and selling prices are automatically determined by these variables. A narrow band pricing is carried out during Turkey’s open market hours (09:00-18:00) . Outside Open Market hours and holidays a broad band pricing is implemented.
​As the gold subject to trading in our Bank is 995/1000 purity, trading prices are announced accordingly.
Investment Accounts
​For the capital stock instruments (share, warrant, ETF,  mutual fund, debt instruments such as government bonds), which are monitored in the investment accounts opened in our Bank, various fees are paid to the authorized institution where the monitoring is performed and some costs are taken during the fulfillment of the requirements of the storage. Considering these costs, which are charged to the Bank by the custodial monitoring of capital market instruments, it has been decided to obtain a fixed or relative retention commission provided that the Bank will increase it at certain intervals.
​You can give stock exchange orders through İşCep, Internet Branch, Telephone Branch, Bankamatiks and our Branches. In addition to this you can use İşCep and Internet Branch for warrant transactions.
​You can visit "Equities" page on  to get detailed information about our commission rates.
​You can send cancellation request for orders which is not settle in Borsa Istanbul via all our banking channel.
You can invest in stock and futures on International Markets via 'İşCep International Markets'. It is entegrated to our mobile banking application İşCep. Please note that only the customers who are domestic resident citizens of the Republic of Turkey can use İşCep International Markets.
​For the cash in your Investment Account cash balance, you can do repo transactions via our Branches, Bankamatik, Telephone Banking and Internet Branch.
​The minimum amount for the repo transaction via our Branches is 5.000 TL whereas it is 500 TL for Bankamatik, Telephone Banking and Internet Branch.

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