First Signature Account

​If you are between 12-18, by opening a First Signature Account you can take advantages of the pivileges granted to you. Now you have an opportunity to evaluate your savings with your own decisions by using First Signature Account.

Home, abroad, on holiday, shopping, out with friends on a weeend trip...  Wherever you are, if you have an First Signature Account you don’t need to carry cash anymore. Debit card attached to your First Signature Account makes your life easier!

Your parents or adminstrator’s deed of consent is enough to open First Signature Account. In the next step you can perform banking transactions on your own. If you wish, you can evaluate your money by buying and selling mutual funds and make remittance. Moreover, if the avarage of the account is above the amount determined by the Bank you can benefit from assurance of  “Personal Accident Insuarence” 

Advantages of First Signature Account

You can have a debit card specifically designed with First Signature Account. 
You can withdraw from our ATMs in Turkey and from Maestro branded ATMs abroad. You can use your debit cards while you are shoping in Maestro branded stores.
You have a personal accident insurance if your account’s avarage balance is above the amount determined by the Bank. Personal accident insurance covers up to 800 TL assurance for outpatient treatment and 1000 TL assurance for death and disablement.
First Signature Account holders do not pay account maintenance fee.
You can open an investment account, buy and sell 801 type investment fund.
You can make remittance, investment fund transactions and get information about your account by Internet Branch, ATM or Telephone Branch.
Your parents or adminstrator can give money transfer order to your First Signature Account, so your accumulations increase regularly.

Advantages of First Signature Account For Your Children

Saving consciousness occurs and spending habit is to be disciplined.
You can give money transfer order from your account to your children’s account.
If you need you can limit your children’s withdrawing cash amount from ATM or branches.​​


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