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Standard Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance for Women

Standard Critical Illness Insurance, beneficial against the health expenses that may arise in the presence of a critical illness, offers you lump sum compensation if any critical disease is diagnosed in you and helps you and your family maintains present living standards by providing an assurance.

Standard Critical Illness Insurance offers you financial support during the period which you may experience material and moral difficulties due to a critical illness. Moreover, by means of the coverage prov​ided against loss of life it ensures that your loved ones feel themselves safe regardless of the circumstances.
What is Standard Critical Illness Insurance?
Within the scope of Standard Critical Illness Insurance, coverage is provided for five critical diseases that are commonly seen and for the risk of death of any reason. In case of catching one of these diseases during the insurance period, critical illness coverage (half of life loss coverage) is paid to the insurance holder at once. If an insuree who has received Standard Critical Illness Insurance indemnity dies in the period until the maturity of the policy, the remaining half of the total coverage is paid to his/her legal heirs.
Critical Illness Insurance is not a health insurance. Within the scope of this insurance you benefit from a lump sum payment instead of being refunded as your health expenses are incurred. 
Moreover, on the basis of the package you also benefit from “Emergency Ambulance-Health Care Consultancy Service” and “Second Opinion Services” without any payment.
Why do I need to have Critical Illness Insurance?
To be able to have the best treatment in case of a critical disease, 
To prevent your savings achieved over many years being spent on treatment expenses,
To prevent any difficulties that your family may face due to high health  expenses,
To be able to maintain your living standards during the period in which physical work might be very challenging for you,
To make sure that the financial status of your family is not affected if you pass away as a result of a disease or due to any other reason.
What is covered under this product?
Life loss coverage
Critical illness coverage
What are the diseases covered under this product?
Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
Coronary artery by-pass surgery
Heart valve surgery
How is coverage amount determined?
Critical Illness and Life Loss coverage amounts are determined on the basis of the package that you will choose at the beginning of the insurance.
There are three packages formed on the basis of the coverage amounts:

Life Loss Coverage (TL)
Critical Illness Coverage (TL)
Eco Package
20,000 10,000 
Classic Package
50,000 25,000 
Special Package
100,000 50,000 

How much is paid in case of a critical disease?
If you contract a critical disease, the critical illness coverage amount that you determined at the beginning of the insurance is paid. 
How much is paid in case of life loss?
If a life loss occurs within the insurance period, the life loss coverage amount you determined within the scope of the package selected is paid to your loved ones. If you have received critical illness coverage within the insurance period due to a critical disease, then the difference between life loss coverage and critical illness coverage is paid to your loved ones.
Who can benefit from this insurance?
This insurance package can be purchased by everyone who is healthy and between the ages 18 to 50.
How long is the term of insurance coverage?
The term of insurance is 1 year. 
What are the advantages/additional services?
Tax Advantage:
In regards to the payments that you make for yourself and/or your spouse and your young children, you can benefit from 15% to 35% of tax deduction depending on the tax bracket that you are currently in. Please click here to obtain detailed information on tax deduction and applications.
Automatic Renewal:
Your policy is automatically renewed as long as you meet the renewal conditions. 
Discounts at health care institutions under agreement: 
If you face with any kind of health problem you can apply to health care institutions that we have an agreement with and benefit from  discounted rates offered. Please click here to view the list of the health care institutions under agreement. ​
Free of charge emergency ambulance and health care consultancy service: 
If you are covered under either the classic package or special package, you will have the advantage of ambulance and health care consultancy service in case of an emergency without any payment. If a situation is not classified as an emergency, you can benefit from ambulance services at a 20% discounted rate. Your first degree family  also receives a 20% discount for the same services regardless of whether the situation is emergency or not. Please click here to view the list of the emergency situations.​
Second Opinion Service:
Second opinion service has been designed to help you get an independent opinion from health care institutions that are considered to be the worldwide specialists in the area of the disease you are diagnosed with. This service, besides giving you the chance to compare two opinions regarding your disease also helps you reach the best decision on how to proceed with your disease. You can have the advantage of this service only when your coverage is based on the Special Package.
Where can I buy this product?
Standard Critical Illness Insurance can be purchased from Isbank Internet Branch.​​
How much will I pay?
The amount of premium changes according to your age, gender and the coverage you choose. It is automatically calculated when you buy the insurance from our internet branch.
The amount of premium for a 35 year old person is shown below.

Monthly Premium
Installment (12 months)
Yearly Premium
Eco Package
8,27 TL
97,87 TL 
Classic Package
20,67 TL
244,68 TL
Special Package
41,34 TL 489,36 TL 

Monthly Premium 
Installment (12 months) 
Yearly Premium 
Eco Package
9,68 TL 
114,55 TL 
Classic Package
24,19 TL
286,37 TL
Special Package
48,38 TL
​572,73 TL​ 


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