Comprehensive Motor Insurance

You can have insurance coverage that you can need for your car all together and moreover with unique advantages with comprehensive insurance.​

You can have insurance coverage that you can need for your car all together and moreover with unique advantages with comprehensive insurance. 

Prominent advantages of Anadolu Sigorta Comprehensive Motor Insurance that can be issued from our Branches are: 

Full Replacement

If your new model car is stolen or suffers total loss during the first year of your policy, Anadolu Combined Motor Insurance will buy the same vehicle or pay you an amount equal to its current value at your option. 

Protection Against Earthquake, Flood, Strike, Lock-out, Civil Commotions and Terrorism  Damages

Anadolu Minor Repair Service

Anadolu Minor Repair Service” provides coverage to repair minor damages that may occur during your policy is valid and without requested any payment. Damages covered by Anadolu Minor Repair Service are repaired using American-origin know-how, equipment and materials at contracted Auto King Service Stations with special repair techniques protecting your vehicle’s originality. 

You can benefit from Anadolu Minor Repair Service without having any protocol, record or report about the damage. Also your existing no-claims bonus will not be affected if you benefit from this service. 

The services provided under Anadolu Minor Repair Service are these: 

Correction of hood dents without painting (up to 5 cms diameter) 
Correction of hood dents with painting (up to 10 cms diameter) 
Painting repairs (bumper scrapes, key scratches, door strikes) 
Upholstery repairs (burns, tears, scratches in leather, piled, woven or plastic upholstery) 
Windshield repairs (breakage of any kind fractures up to 10 cms in length) 
Removal of Stain (5 cm stains on leather, vinyl, flooring cloth and carpets) ​
Plastic bumper repairs (dents, rips, breakage, missing parts)

​Anadolu Assistance

You can benefit from comprehensive transportation and accommodation services everywhere for 24 hours on 7 days in case there is an accident or breakdown. Moreover, partner of the car owner and children under 18 years old can benefit from these advantages. 

Towing your vehicle to a repair shop in case the vehicle stays immobile, 
Transportation to your place of residence, 
Vehicle storage and safekeeping, 
Stay over, continue traveling or return to place of residence, 
Free service on all matters like obtaining professional driver, 
Transportation to a healthcare center wherever you may be in the world in the event of illness or injury, 
Transportation of accompanying passengers, 
Travel or stay over of a family member, 
Travel costs incurred following death of an immediate family member, 
Healthcare assistance in the event of injury or illness outside the usual country of residence, 
Extension of stay due to illness or injury outside the usual country of residence, 
Repatriation of beneficiaries and accompanying beneficiaries, 
Arrangement to send medicines, 
Travel costs incurred following damage at home, 
Relay of urgent messages, 
Location and transport of luggage and personal effects, 
Paying legal defense costs in the event of traffic accidents in which the insured and his vehicle is involved outside the usual country of residence, 
Support in criminal trials and bails.

​7*24 Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Line: 0 850 724 0850

Anadolu Insurance Company's “Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Line” is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week on : 0 850 7 24 0850 by fixed and mobile telephone without having to dial an area code from anywhere in Turkey. Our Anadolu Assistance and Loss Operations Center is at your service round the clock to take care of your Anadolu Assistance Motor Insurance operations, accept damage reports and provide information about the status of reported claims. 

We are waiting you to the nearest branch.


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