İmece Card

​A new card from İşbank special to the manufacturers engaged in farming, greenhouse cultivation and stockbreeding: IMECE CARD​

Imece Card is a card that enables the use of the agricultural loan which is allocated to the manufacturers in order to finance the expenses that are needed in agricultural activities such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, diesel oil (fuel oil), feed and agricultural equipment etc. and which can also be used as a Bankamatik card.
Advantages provided by the Agricultural Loan which is allocated through Imece Card:
First of all, Agricultural Loan is provided to Imece Card holders by our Bank. It provides the opportunity of interest-free periodic shopping for the manufacturers in their agricultural inputs made from the member merchants.
Due to the flexible maturity offered by Imece Card, the maturity of the agricultural loan affiliated to the card can be determined as maximum one year that is compatible with the harvest period.
Interest is not charged in case that the sum of the purchases is paid within the interest-free period or by the end of the interest-free period (The interest-free period may vary depending on the merchant agreement in each workplace and may differ in various products in the same workplace)
The sum of purchases is covered by the Imece Card loan which is allocated to the card holder.
Imece Card provides the opportunity of earning Imece points over the purchases made, except fuel oil, from member merchants providing point advantage. These earned points can be used in shopping from Imece Card member merchants.
At the same time, Imece Card has the same features of a Bankamatik Card:
Due to the Bankamatik feature of the card, Imece Card holders can benefit from all services including withdrawing cash, depositing money, checking the balance, money transfer, bill payment, investment transactions etc. by using the Bankamatik network that is available throughout Turkey on a 7 day 24 hour basis.
In addition, they will be able to make shopping through POS machines (they will earn MaxiPoints instead of Imece Points in this kind of shopping) and withdraw cash from the ATM Machines at home and abroad in connection with the current account which their cards are connected to.

You can receive detailed information about the loan conditions from our Branches.


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