E-Solutions: E-Invoice and E-SMM

​E-solutions from İşbank that save both time and effort for your company!  With electronic invoice, bank statement and signature services, you can make your payment and collection transactions securely and much faster!​


What is E-invoice ?
E-Invoice means the invoices that are not printed on paper and transmitted to the buyer and seller by the servers. Shortly put, it is the name given to the invoices prepared electronically. E-Invoice is issued electronically in the format and method determined by the Turkish Revenue Administration (RA). It has the same legal characteristics as invoices in printed format.

İsCep NetteFatura Integration
NetteFatura users can view the payment information of the e-Invoices from İşCep. You can track the amounts and payment dates of your invoices on İşCep and pay them easily.

To start viewing your e-Invoices, it will be enough to log-in to NetteFatura, enter the "Payments" menu and under this menu find “ İşCep confirmation" option and confirm. You can then start viewing the payment information of your incoming invoices in the "e-Invoice" option under the "Payments" menu on İşCep.

Ease of Using Instant Commercial Loan for Invoice Payments
Our real person merchant customers who use İşNet’s e-invoice service can view the details of the e-invoices issued to them via İşCep and Internet Branch. With the "Pay" button in the menu, they can switch to the money transfer / EFT transaction to pay invoices. If preferred, he/she can apply for Instant Commercial Loan from the same menu before making a payment. It is possible to make e-invoice payments with the amount transferred to their account after the application is approved.

e-Archive Invoice

It is an electronic invoice issued by users who are e-Invoice obligants to those who aren’t users of e-Invoice. The e-Archive Invoices can be sent to the other party via e-mail or they can be delivered in paper form. Obligants who use e-Invoice mandatorily issue an e-Archive Invoice to those who are not.

Electronic Self-Employment Receipt (e-SMM)

e-SMM (electronic self-employment receipt) is the electronic form of the receipts issued by the independent business owners. It is in the format and method determined by the Revenue Administration and has the same legal characteristics as a receipt in paper form.

FAQ about e-Invoice and e-SMM

Is transition to e-Invoice mandatory?
Obligants with gross sales revenue of 5 Million TL or more in 2018 or in next fiscal periods must switch to the e-Invoice system until 01.07.2020.

Is it mandatory to use e-SMM?
Independent business owners (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, pharmacist, veterinarian, architect, etc.) must switch to the the e-SMM application until 01.06.2020.

How to apply for e-Invoice and e-SMM?
Application for e-Invoice requires companies to have a financial seal, and real persons to have an electronic signature. Click here for detailed information.

How much does the switch to e-Invoice and e-SMM cost?
In order to use e-Invoice and e-SMM, a financial seal or an electronic signature are required. The financial seal has fixed official fees. For electronic signature, annual usage fees determined by the companies providing this service are paid. On the other hand, private integrators charge a certain fee for invoices /independent business owner invoice issued or received.

How does İşbank e-Invoice contribute to e-SMM processes?
We aim to support our customers in this process, which is a legal obligation and brings costs to them. Serving as a private integrator since 2013, İşNet offers all solutions that may be needed in e-document processes with its NetteFatura platform and integrated commercial software, consisting of e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-SMM, e-Waybill, and e-Producer Receipt.

Electronic Bank Statements

TÜRMOB LUCA Account Activities
Customers who work with financial advisors using Turkey's first web-based centralized accounting system LUCA, can have their all bank account activities transferred automatically to LUCA Accounting program. Accounting of transactions is carried out through our bank automatically in the LUCA program after one business day. It enables financial advisors to provide services to their customers much faster and prevents the loss of time and effort. The opportunity to work remotely and prevention of errors that might arise from manual transactions are among the advantages of the application for financial advisors and companies.

MT 940 Electronic Statement Transfer
With MT940 electronic statements, you can automatically make the recognition of your account activities through your accounting programs.

You can apply to our nearest branch for detailed information.

Online XML (webservice) Statement Transfer
With online XML statements, you can access your account activities online and automatically make the recognition of your account activities.

You can apply to our nearest branch for detailed information.

Order Acceptance with E-Signature

If you are tired of signing your orders and submitting them to your Branch, you can send your orders to our Bank electronically signed. By this way, you can perform your transactions much faster and securely.

Order Acceptance with SWIFT / SCORE

If your multinational company is a member of SWIFT / SCORE or you would like to send your orders to us through a bank that is a member of SWIFT / SCORE, you can send us your orders via FIN (MT 101) and Fileact (MX) channels. While your transactions are carried out much faster and securely, you can also centralize your payment transactions.


TekCep is an open banking application that allows commercial account holders to track their time-deposit account and POS transactions in different banks from a single screen without the need to enter the digital channels of the relevant banks or check their e-mails.

TekCep displays the account balances and transactions of our commercial customers who work actively with several banks. Tekcep allows our customers to monitor their contracted merchant transactions on a single platform and makes it easier to monitor and manage their cash flow.

The bank accounts that can be monitored via TekCep are the following; Garanti BBVA, Akbank, Yapı Kredi, VakıfBank, QNB Finansbank, TEB, Albaraka, Ziraat Bank and Denizbank.


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