Direct Debiting System

What is Direct Debiting System?

It is our service for the customers making deferred payment ​sales of high volume of goods and services to their dealer/client network. This service makes the collection of the receivables easier with the help of the credit limits allocated by our Bank in favor of the dealers/clients.

Advantages for Your Company:

Removes the risk of not being able to collect the receivables within the credit limits of your dealers have,
Ensures the collection of your receivables on time,
Makes your cash management easier by having knowledge of the cash flow in advance; reduces operational workload and cost,
Eliminates the cost of collaterals received from your dealers and the transport risk of cheques and promissory notes,
Ensures you to automatically bookkeep the records by the help of the reports sent by our Bank
Gives you the opportunity of easily following-up the invoices by our Commercial Interactive Banking Service.

Under favour of DDS Your Dealers:

Can eliminate expenses related to other collaterals provided to the main company,
Have the opportunity as İşbank loan customer to borrow loans under favorable conditions in short term financial difficulties,
Can track their deferred payments easier,
Have the opportunity to make their payments with no charge or commission at the end of the day

Why you should choose İşbank for DDS?

Strong IT infrastructure
Countrywide branch network and alternative channels
Know how and experience on DDS


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