​Payment of Foreign Currency Cheques Via Our Bank

Reserves of travelers cheques issued over convertible foreign currencies, IMO (International Money Order), cheques that have drawing of our bank (which are issued by a foreign bank but it has a notification that the bank that is due to pay the cheque is “İşbank”) and other foreign bank cheques whose amount is not high are paid by all of our branches.

Reserves of those that have drawing of a company or person in a foreign bank (Person Cheques) and foreign bank cheques whose amount is high are paid to our customers just after cheque price is recorded in our accounts.

Travelers’ Cheque

If you do not carry cash money with you on your abroad holidays, you may purchase American Express Travelers’ Cheque issued in various reductions of print pastes as American Dollar and Euro in all of our branches.

Travelers Cheque may be cashed in all of our branches if you present your passport.

You may get Travelers’ Cheques in our Yenicami, Bakırköy, Izmir, Başkent and Yenişehir branches immediately; and other branches in a few days.


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