Advantages of İş'te Maaş

We, Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., intermediate the salary payment of more than 1 million people employed by more than 20.000 enterprises throughout Turkey, thanks to our more than 1.000 Branches and about 5.000 Bankamatik devices. 

We would like to mention the services that we offer to our customers with salary agreements:​

Your salaries will start to be transferred to your accounts starting from 00.01 o’clock on the payment date as agreed upon with your entity, and the processes will be concluded as promptly as possible.
You may withdraw your salary from your account 7/24, free of charge, using your bank card on our app 5.000 Bankamatik devices.  No fee is charged for allotment or renewal of your Bankamatik cards.
Daily cash withdrawal limit for Bankamatik’s is 1,500.-TL per card. Also, 800.-USD (or equivalent Euros) may be withdrawn from bankamatik’s which can pay foreign currency. These two limits are independent from each other.
No fee is charged for your domestic Turkish currency transfers between Isbank accounts as long as the transaction is done through our online branch.
No credit card membership fee or renewal fee is charged to our customers whose salary is paid via our Bank.
Under our SOS and Maximum Account practices, your invoice payments orders, forward dated EFT and regular transfer orders, Anadolu Hayat and Anadolu Sigorta Premiums and contribution payment orders, automatic orders to charge OGS devices and HGS cards, credit card payment orders, consumer loan repayment orders (provided that the SOS instruction and the consumer loan are defined under the same customer number), MTV payment orders and safe deposit box fee payment orders will be automatically paid by selling your liquid funds in your account even if your account balance is insufficient, while any remaining amount will be met from your overdraft account. Furthermore, SOS and Maximum Account applications are also available for cash withdrawals with your Bankamatik card; even if the account balance is insufficient, the amount is provided automatically from available balance of investment accounts and liquid funds. In addition, with these practices it is  ensured that current account balance is sufficient for overdraft account repayments.(**)
No account operation fee is charged from salary accounts of our customers with salary agreement.
For your short term cash needs or when your current account balance is insufficient, you may use your Overdraft Accounts for your invoice payment orders. Interest is accrued to overdraft accounts for the number of days utilized.
For our customers with salary agreement, we offer Salary Loan with 0.10 points lower monthly interest rate.
If you utilize cash loan, mortgage loan or motor vehicle loan from İş Bank branches and buy Loan Support Insurance, full amount of loan is covered in case of death,full or permanent disability, or  6 monthly  instalments are covered in case of unemployment.
If you buy Credit Card Support Insurance, your card debt is covered up to 10,000.-TL per card, against loss of life, full and permanent disability and involuntary unemployment depending on the profession, or disability due to temporary impairment or being hospitalized. 

We would be more than pleased to serve you with our special applications described above.

(*) Our Bank reserves the right to amend or cease the privileges and debates currently offered under salary agreements, depending on the contemporary conditions.

(**) For our customers who have given instruction before 17 February 2010 to have their Overdraft Account repayments covered by SOS, they need to renew their instruction letters via our Online Branch or branches. Emergency Cash System (ANS - ECS) is not covered in this context.


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