Additional Services

​You can have detailed information from our Call Center at 0 850 724 0 724 regarding the conditions of benefiting from our insurance services and other conditions out of the scope of insurance along with the additional advantages offered for your credit card.​

Services Specific for Your Visa Business Cards

Emergency Cash Advance and Card Renewal

Another facility offered to card holders who lose their credit cards or have them stolen while being abroad is the emergency cash advance and card renewal. If you lose your card or have it stolen, in case you inform the condition to the VISA center, cash advance up to 5.000 USD Dollars is being given upon your request and your card is being renewed within 48 hours. ​

Common Services Offered for All Our Credit Cards

Insurance of being lost and stolen

In case you lose your cards or have them stolen, the losses caused by malignant third parties is being secured with this insurance.
In accordance with the Bank Cards and Credits Cards Law No.5464 entered into force on 01.03.2006, the card holder will be held liable for the damages and losses caused by unlawful and unauthorized use of his/her card within twenty-four hours prior to a notice to be sent by him/her, subject to a limitation of one hundred and fifty Turkish Liras.
The transactions requiring the usage of the card with a code number, a pin or any other identification method is out of the scope of insurance.
In order to benefit from the insurance service in subject, it will sufficient to inform the İşbank of the condition by calling the İşbank Personal Loan and Card Operation Department at 0212 473 52 97.


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