The Banker Awards İşbank’s TekPOS

İşbank's TekPOS application wins the "open banking" award in the "Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2021" contest held by The Banker.

During the “Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2021” by The Banker magazine, a leading global publication, İşbank won the award in the "open banking" category thanks to its TekPOS application, which has marked a first in Turkey.

İşbank's Deputy CEO Şahismail Şimşek said that they were delighted to receive a globally prestigious award with the TekPOS application. “Driven by the power of Softtech, our technological affiliate, we have launched TekCep at İşbank to facilitate the lives of our customers. TekCep is the first of its kind in Turkey in the field of open banking and allows our commercial customers to relish the opportunity to view their account balance and account activities in other banks on a single screen through our İşCep Commercial App as well as the Commercial Internet Branch. We also integrated the TekPOS feature into TekCep. Thanks to the TekPOS service, companies can use İşCep Commercial App and the Commercial Internet Branch to track their transactions completed via the POS devices of different banks and view - on a daily basis - details such as the transaction amount, pending balance and the date the balance will be credited to the account.”

Developed in 2019 in cooperation with Softtech, an affiliate of İşbank, TekCep enables commercial customers to view their accounts in different banks online through İşbank's digital channels. Furthermore, the TekPOS feature integrated to TekCep in 2020 allows customers who use POS devices of multiple banks to view the statements of these devices on a single screen and access cash flow information, once again via İşCep and the Internet Branch. 


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