Products Contributing to the Green Economy

The main requirements of the transition to the green economy are, via energy transformation, increasing the energy obtained from renewable sources, reducing the use of fossil fuels and supporting the transition to energy-efficient systems. Renewable energy investments help not only reducing the negative effects of climate change, but also support social development with the new employment areas they create.

İşbank is one of the pioneering institutions in financing renewable energy projects in Turkey. All of the new project financing provided by the Bank for electricity generation investments after 2015 has been allocated to renewable energy projects.

İşbank made its first Green Bond issue on 21 August 2019. This issue is also the first 100% Green Eurobond transaction issued by Turkish banks. The issuance amount is USD 50 million and maturity is 10 years. This transaction is important because it reflects the integrated nature of İşbank's sustainability approach, providing the opportunity to access to different investor groups and being a long-term funding.

İşbank provides loan for financing unlicenced solar energy plants to be installed on the roofs of the industrial facilities for self-consumption, the first in the sector.

İşbank provides loans (Urban Transformation Loan) for real estate reconstructions with energy class A and B within the scope of urban transformation.

İşbank is also participating in international programs to increase green energy awareness with the bilateral agreements signed with organizations such as Proparco, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Clean Technology Fund, and the World Bank aimed at financing the loans to be used for the purchase/construction of buildings with energy classes above standard.

İşbank provides financing support with favorable conditions to its customers who want to generate electricity based on solar, wind and other renewable energy sources with an installed power size of 5 MW (megawatt) and below.

To be able to contribute to the expansion of energy efficiency investments in the country and to respond to the financing needs of the real sector on energy efficiency, İşbank aims to finance “resource efficency investments” which include energy efficiency as well as water efficiency, raw material efficiency and waste management.

We offer privileges in financing eco-friendly brand new electric and hybrid vehicles with the Green Vehicle Loan.

​İşbank provides financing for the establishment of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in order to support the use of environment-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles, to contribute to the development of the electric vehicle industry and to encourage vehicle owners to easily access common charging units.

We offer favorable loan conditions with the Green Office Premises Loan to our customers who will buy office premises from “green buildings” that save energy and have Energy Certificate (A or B category), LEED (Gold and higher category) or BREEAM (Very Good and higher category) .

We provide favorable consitions in real estate financing if the energy class of the building to be purchased according to Energy Performance Implementation is B or A, or if it has one of the LEED, BREEAM certificates.

With Marine Conservation Loan, it is aimed to provide financial support for preventing or reducing sea pollution incidents to all our commercial custromers who generate waste water in their production processes and who want to use water resources efficiently.

 “Marmara… A Hope” Documentary

As İşbank, we provided support to “Marmara… A Hope” documentary, produced by Savaş Karakaş who is well known with sea and underwater documentaries, to take attention to the pollution of our water resources and raise awareness in our society.  

Opinions are taken from scientists to public authorities, from fisherman to the people living in the region in the documentary, which is one of our projects under the theme of “Seas are Beautiful When Blue”. The reasons of mucilage formation, its effects on the living species in the region and what needs to be done to solve the problem are also revealed in the documentary. Please click​ here to reach the documentary.

We have started to deploy our Bankamatik shields, developed with an innovative design approach in line with our Bank’s focus on sustainability, to generate electricity from solar power and help reduce energy consumption. Most of the energy needs for the illumination of the Bankamatik facade except the advertising panel can be met by using the top of the shield as a solar panel.

With our solar powered Bankamatik design, our Bank takes an innovative step forward in line with its focus on sustainability, and continues its pioneering role in environmental awareness.

Our solar powered Bankamatiks can be recognized by the logo applied.

With Geleceğe Orman, İşbank offers its customers the opportunity the earn carbon points for their banking transactions after subscribing to Geleceğe Orman from İşCep as well as for their daily life activities. When the carbon points reach the target value, the Bank allows its customers to be a part of a goodness movement that protects the future through the TEMA Foundation with saplings donated on behalf of its customers and to reduce their carbon footprints.​

The Bank contributes to the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) by 0.02% of the amount of each transaction carried out by its customers with Maximum TEMA Card.

Maximum TEMA Card is produced from nature friendly biodegradable card plastic. Raw materials obtained from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified producers are used in the printed materials of the card.

TEMA Environmental Variable Fund is a product developed to allow environment-friendly investors to use their savings to promote environmental efforts. With the resource allocated from the Fund to TEMA, sustainable financing is provided for environmental projects. The fund, allocating a part of its portfolio to invest in businesses which have effective environmental management systems in place, emphasizes that businesses which pay regard to environmental impacts will achieve better financial results in the long term.

İş’te Kadın Stock Exchange Fund is a product created to enable invesment in companies that support womens’s employment and their participation in management.

İş Portföy Renewable Energy Mix Fund invests in stocks and/or private sector debt instruments of domestic and foreign companies continuously operating in the renewable energy sector, with at least 80% of its total value.


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