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İŞ'TE KOBİ website ( which provides SMEs with fast access to the sectoral information and news they need since 2009, was renewed in 2020. The user profile of the website has been expanded to include visitors from the tradesmen, entrepreneurs, farmers and women entrepreneurs in addition to SMEs.

With the renewed İŞ'TE KOBİ website, companies have been provided with digital access to trainings on many different subjects such as e-commerce, entrepreneurship and technology, and it is aimed to contribute to their digital transformation by offering solutions that will contribute to their business models through İŞ'TE KOBİ.

İşbank provides financial support to female exportes and young entrepreneurs with the “Female Entrepreneur Export Support Loan” and “Young Entrepreneur Export Support Loan” within the scope of the protocol signed with Türk Eximbank in order to ensure that female and young entrepreneurs take a greater role in exports. İşbank is the first bank to sign the "Young Entrepreneur Export Support Loan" protocol.

The Bank believes that sustainable development can be achieved by increasing women's participation in the economy. Accordingly, İşbank increasingly uses both its own resources and the foreign funds to support female enterprises. To this end, a sponsorship agreement with Turkey's only female-focused investment platform Arya Women Investment Platform is initiated to support female entrepreneurs.

İşbank continues to support entrepreneurs with the Technological Entrepreneurship Tariff, which was created to support technology-based initiatives in their establishment period.

İşbank supports the increase of productivity in agriculture with projects that reflect its digitalization strategy to the agricultural sector. Thanks to the data and recommendations obtained from agriculture monitoring and forecast devices donated within the scope of the Digital Agriculture project, a decrease in the use of inputs including agricultural fertilizers, pesticides and water, an increase in productivity and a decrease in environmental waste are achieved.

Thanks to the ImeceMobil application, which can be downloaded free of charge, financial literacy and income-expense tracking support is provided to farmers, and farmers can make İmece Card and agricultural loan applications without going to a branch. In addition, the application of ImeceMobil prevents excessive fertilization that pollutes the environment by offering fertilization suggestions, and also increases productivity.

In addition to providing water and energy savings in agricultural production to support farmers, İşbank also offers Pressure Irrigation Systems Loans that serve to increase the quality and efficiency in production. 

In addition to these, İşbank also carries out awareness activities in the field of agriculture. As a bank that is aware of the importance of water in our lives, İşbank contributed to the production of a document which tells about the correct use of water in agriculture. Modern irrigation techniques, drought,  wrong product selection and faulty irrigation methods are discussed with the participation of farmers, non-governmental organizations and academics, in 10 different cities of Turkey from Denizli to Şanlurfa, from Manisa to Konya. Please click​ to access the documentary.

İşbank shares its efforts to enable disabled customers to carry out all banking transactions easily with “Enabled Banking” page on the corporate website with its customers.


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