Our Pioneer Achievements

​The following are examples of İşbank's forerunning achievements:​

Introduction of child's coin bank's which has triggered and made mainstream propensity to save in the society
The use of cheques for daily transactions
Initiating electronic banking in the country with a sound technological groundwork
Introduction of ATM's. Isbank was the first in the industry to coin a generic name for teller machines
Overseas branches in Europe and Cyprus
Saving accounts
Mutual funds
Operation of an in house securities division
Instant Banking service since July 1996
Internet Banking service since 1997
Deployment of Netmatik machines (Kiosks), to enhance online banking among clients without access to PC's
Introduction of mobile banking on WAP enabled GSM phones
Mobile banking and call center supported with 3G technology
Bioidentity (Fingervein ID), a biometric device integrated into the ATMs. 


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