Organization Structure

Deputy Chief Executives and Areas of Responsibilities

Yalçın Sezen
Senior Deputy Chief Executive
-To represent the CEO when he/she is absent
-Ensuring the coordination between Deputy Chief Executives

• Retail Banking Product/Sales/Marketing
• Consumer Loans
• Private Banking Marketing & Sales

Senar Akkuş
Deputy Chief Executive
• Subsidiaries

Murat Bilgiç
Deputy Chief Executive
• Retail Loans Underwriting
• Project Finance
• Corporate Loans Underwriting
• Commercial Loans Underwriting

N. Burak Seyrek
Deputy Chief Executive
• Corporate and Commercial Banking Marketing
• Commercial Banking Sales
-Free Zone Branches
-Branches Abroad and Foreign Representative Offices

Şahismail Şimşek
Deputy Chief Executive
• SME Banking Sales
• SME Marketing
• Commercial Banking Product
• Agricultural Banking Marketing

Ebru Özşuca
Deputy Chief Executive
• Treasury
• Economic Research
• Capital Markets

Gamze Yalçın
Deputy Chief Executive
• Financial Management
• Financial Institutions
• Investor Relations and Sustainability
• Managerial Reporting and Internal Accounting

H.Cahit Çınar
Deputy Chief Executive
• Legal Affairs and Follow-Up
• Legal Counsellorship
• Credit Monitoring
• Credits Portfolio Management
• Retail Loans Recovery
• Commercial & Corporate Loans Recovery

Ozan Gürsoy
Deputy Chief Executive
• Human Resources Management
• Strategy and Corporate Performance Management
• Talent Management

Sezgin Yılmaz
Deputy Chief Executive
• Banking Operations & Payment Operations
• Support Services
• Foreign Trade & Commercial Loan Operations
• Internal Operations
• Construction & Real Estate Management
• Procurement

Serkan Uğraş Kaygalak
Deputy Chief Executive
• Payment Systems Product
• Payment Systems Ecosystem

Sabri Gökmenler
Deputy Chief Executive
• Information Technologies
• Retail Loan & Card Operations
• Digital Banking Operations
• Data Management

Sezgin Lüle
Deputy Chief Executive
Consumer Relations Coordination Officer
• Agile Management
• Digital Banking
• Enterprise Architecture


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