Maxis invests in Denebunu to close 2020

Maxis Innovative Venture Capital Investment Fund, in which İşbank is the main investor, recently invested TL 3.8 million in Denebunu.

Founded by Duygu Akbudak and Barış Yeşilçiçek in 2016, the marketing technologies platform Denebunu benefits its user base of over 2 million individuals to get customers to try out products and then provide brands with focused feedback. Denebunu received a total investment of TL 6.5 million during the investment round led by Maxis Innovative Venture Capital Investment Fund with TL 3.8 million. Albaraka Portfolio Start-Up GSYF (Venture Capital Investment Fund) contributed TL 1.5 million to the investment round, which secured an additional TL 1.2 million from Denebunu’s current investors Nevzat Aydın, Fırat İşbecer, Burak Divanlıoğlu and Serkan Borançılı.

Brands wishing to get targeted customers to try out their products and provide them with direct and consistent feedback can easily achieve these goals thanks to the process infrastructure developed by Denebunu and the focused matching and customer evaluations functionalities enabled by algorithms.

Offering integrated and sustainable support to our country's entrepreneurship ecosystem, İşbank is the main investor in Maxis Innovative Venture Capital Investment Fund, which invested in PCI Checklist in January to begin 2020 and made yet another investment in Denebunu to seal the year. Maxis has so far invested in Kolay İK, Mutlubiev and PCI Checklist. Selami Düz, General Manager of Maxis, stated that Denebunu became an instant success in Turkey considering the high number of users it secured in a short time as well as the focused feedback. Düz also expressed that they invested in Denebunu to support its international expansion which was launched by the proven team at Denebunu. Selami Düz noted that they would continue to invest in early and advanced technology initiatives that presented a high potential to scale up rapidly in 2021.

Duygu Akbudak, founding partner and CEO at Denebunu, stated that after the start of the pandemic, partner brands began to invest more in digital media, and that facilitated a two-times growth at Denebunu in 2020. Akbudak highlighted that they set off in order to provide end-to-end digital marketing services to more than 300 brands. She said they wanted to use the recent investment as a means to replicate their success in Turkey, which they owed to their original technological solutions and data-driven perspectives, in foreign markets as well. 


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