Maxi, İşbank's personal assistant, employs its 400+ capabilities to conduct over 55 million conversations

​Maxi, İşbank's AI-based personal assistant capable of processing natural language, interacted with more than 7.2 million customers verbally and in writing since November 2018 to conduct over 55 million conversations.
Maxi is available on İşCep and allows users to make transactions 24/7 by typing or speaking as if to a real customer representative. The number of Maxi's capabilities was almost doubled and exceeded 400 in 2020. Maxi interacts with more and more customers every day thanks to its new capabilities. In 2020, the number of customers Maxi interacted with increased by 20% year on year while the number of conversations rose by up to 80% year on year. 2020 was also marked by an increased interest in voice transactions. 25% of users made their transactions by talking to Maxi.
In addition to performing basic banking transactions such as money transfer, credit card debt payment, bill payment, cash advance and, buying and selling foreign exchange, users can ask Maxi date and category specific questions such as "How much did I spend at the supermarket in May?" or "How much is my highest spending this year?" to learn the details of their spending history. They can even pose questions such as "How much can I spend on clothing this month without exceeding my budget?" to get spending advice. By turning on the function "Start Maxi with a summary of the day", users can start every day with a "Summary of the Day", where they can learn about their account and card information, their upcoming payments and the current exchange rates, if they wish.
Maxi offers many additional innovations as of 2020
Maxi has started to present customers with information on tailored interest rates for their deposit accounts and loans in 2020. Maxi's Loan Calculation capability enables users to instantly learn their loan information as calculated at an exclusive interest rate for the amount and maturity they need. In addition, Maxi shows customers the tailored deposit account interest rate for the amount and maturity they prefer, so that they can make the most accurate savings. Another innovative feature Maxi has allows users to give “keep the change” orders, which enables them to save money while spending with their credit cards, through İşCep as well as the Internet Branch.
Maxi was added to the no-login area at İşCep, owing to new capabilities launched in 2020. Maxi now responds to 150+ frequently asked banking questions such as transaction fees and cash withdrawal limits as well as performing banking transactions. Users can also ask their banking questions to Maxi via Google Assistant, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.


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