İşbank's ads on Metaverse

İşbank becomes the first bank from Turkey to advertise on the global gaming platform Roblox.

Breaking a new ground, İşbank has become the first bank from Turkey to advertise on Roblox, the global online game platform and game creation system. While playing, Roblox players will see advertisements for İşbank's Maximum Gaming Card on billboards in the metaverse where games take place. Maximum Gaming Card, the bank's prepaid card product for e-sport players, was launched in November 2019.

Roblox, an example of a global metaverse where millions of players come together to play games, create new games and gain experience, is used by more than 200 million people around the world. Turkey is currently one of the top 10 geographies where Roblox is played. Roblox, one of the favorite platforms of the generation Z, has 5 million users in Turkey. More youngsters will have the opportunity to meet the bank's products and services under the advertisement campaign introduced by İşbank through Roblox.


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