İşbank receives international occupational health and safety award

The British Safety Council’s "International Safety Award", one of the most prestigious global awards in the field of occupational health and safety, finds itself a new home in İşbank.

İşbank’s ultimate approach to employee health and safety secured the British Safety Council’s "International Safety Award", one of the most prestigious global awards. The British Safety Council received 647 applications from 39 countries for the award program.
Before being entitled to the “International Safety Award”, the Bank was assessed in terms of the following:

• Occupational health and safety policy up to international standards
• Responsibility and leadership by the senior management in creating a healthy and safe working environment
• Management approach during the Covid-19 pandemic
• Preparedness for required measures before an emergency occurs and the effective management of emergencies
• Tuzla Technology and Operations Center (TUTOM) gathering IT and training departments under one single roof.

“Occupational health and safety is always a priority”

In his statement on the award, İşbank Deputy Chief Executive Ozan Gürsoy emphasized that the Bank believes in a collective work culture and collective wisdom sense and internalized these values. Gürsoy added that the Bank always acted on a “people first” approach and that occupational health and safety is their top priority.

Gürsoy stated that İşbank is constantly improving their health and safety practices in accordance with international standards and the changing technological landscape. “The pandemic broke out in 2020 and deeply affected business processes and work life all over the world. Since then, we have had first-hand experience on the vital importance of organizational approach to occupational health and safety. As a bank, we have always observed the health of all our stakeholders, particularly our employees and customers, and prioritized human and public health. In addition, we have combined this approach with technology and now provide a working environment that caters to the new, pandemic-driven working styles. We have received the ‘International Safety Award’, which is a most prestigious global award. I believe this is an exquisite repercussion of our approach.”


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