İşbank Private Banking Secures Top Prize from Euromoney

İşbank Private Banking was selected as the best bank in Turkey in the “Family Governance and Succession Planning” category as part of the “Private Banking and Wealth Management” research conducted annually by Euromoney, a leading global economy and finance publication.

The Bank’s professional staff offers tailored, high-quality financial solutions at 13 specialized branches designed exclusively for private banking customers. At these branches, customers enjoy facilitated access to products that are structured in line with their sensitivities and expectations on risk and return as well as a wide range of investment options. Furthermore, the Bank provides investors with a certain amount of investments with the "Tailor Made Private Fund Establishment" service via İş Asset Management.

The privilege extended by the Tailor Made Private Fund allows investors to professionally manage their family savings under market conditions representing diversified portfolios which are suitable for different risk levels. This makes it possible for next generation family members to manage their wealth under a corporate structure.


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