İş Sanat’s exhibition on Metaverse continues

​Prepared with selective paintings among the works in İşbank’s painting collection, İş Sanat’s first NFT exhibition “A Sail along the Bosphorus with Paintings” was met with great interest.

Issued in limited number for the exhibition’s premiere on April 5-7, the NFT invitations were shortly ran out. The exhibition can be visited by all participants on the platform from April 8 to April 20.

Featured in the İşbank Painting Collection, paintings by masters such as Hikmet Onat, Şeref Akdik, Zeki Faik İzer, Feyhaman Duran, İbrahim Safi, İbrahim Çallı, Cevat Erkul, Hulusi Mercan, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and Halil Pasha are showcased to visitors in NFT format.

The exhibition is curated by Prof. Gül İrepoğlu, the founding curator of the painting museum, which will host İşbank’s collection amassed since the 1940s, and the restoration of which is still underway in the historical building in Beyoğlu.

The works by masters are exhibited on Decentraland, which uses the blockchain technology with a decentralized infrastructure. Thanks to augmented reality, yet another technology used in the exhibition, NFT works exhibited in the digital medium are combined with physical and digital experience. The technological setup of the exhibition was prepared by the collaboration of İşbank and the Turkey and China innovation centers of Softtech, İşbank’s technological subsidiary.

Those who want to experience visiting an exhibition on Metaverse can see the paintings by masters depicting the shores of Istanbul free of charge on


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