Five International Awards for İşbank's HR Practices

​Making significant investments in both banking activities and human resources in the fields of technological innovations and digitalization, İşbank was rewarded with five awards including four gold and one bronze awards at the "Brandon Hall Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence 2021 Awards", one of the industry's leading international award programs.

İşbank received awards owing to its assessment practices used in the recruitment for IT roles, its learning program for foreign trade learning programs to increase technical knowledge and sales qualifications of direct sales teams and to support the management skills of sales team managers and digital learning program on the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL).

Practices leading to gold awards were the selection of IT system experts in the category “Best Advance in Assessment Utilization to Guide Talent Decisions”, foreign trade development programs in the categories “Best Advance in Competency Management” and “Best Results of a Learning Program” as well as development programs intended for sales teams in the category “Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program”. Use of game-based learning solutions about the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) and the practical results of the digital learning program were also rewarded with the bronze award in the category "Best Advance in Compliance Training".

Ozan Gürsoy, İşbank’s Deputy Chief Executive, emphasized that they were happy that the Bank received global awards for its assessment, learning and development practices, and said: “We develop our directors within our own organization from the beginning of entry level roles.  We aim to grow our staff, the main component of İşbank's sustainable corporate performance and competitive advantage, with the competencies and skills in need as well as to focus on the competencies and skills imposed by the digital era during the recruitment of new employees. It is of great importance to follow and implement innovations in every area that will improve our services, particularly in technology, through the learning agility of our employees, who will carry our bank into the future. We will continue to add value to our employees and our bank via our innovative and result-oriented processes.


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