Digital collaborations and access to financial services get easier with İşbank APIs

In an effort to nurture the advancement of open banking, İşbank supports the development and implementation of innovative products by expanding the usage of banking functions beyond its channels via its API Portal. Sandbox environment of İşbank API Portal, which allows developers to freely test all APIs without any limitations to create innovative products, currently hosts more than 1000 users.

API Portal, one of İşbank's initiatives to create an ecosystem through which it offers user-friendly and innovative products and services that meet the needs and expectations of its users, was launched in 2018 under "".

Deputy CEO at İşbank Yalçın Sezen, commenting on the API Portal service: "As İşbank, we attach immense importance to collaborative ecosystems that provide an easy access to innovative financial solutions and services for our customers which makes their lives easier." Stressing that they were working in a systematic way to improve collaborations with enterprises and organizations, Sezen went on to say: "Our API Portal serves to facilitate our collaborations with enterprises and organizations and enable us to introduce innovative products that allow our financial services to be accessible beyond our bank's distribution channels. The number of enterprises and organizations using our API Portal Sandbox has exceeded 1,000. Through API Portal, we divide our technology infrastructure into microservices, make our resources available to enterprises and organizations via application interfaces, and offer ready-to-use financial service functions they need. Ready-to-use functions we offer via APIs enable companies and enterprises to save time and resources while still adding the financial capabilities they need to their applications. In this way, we rapidly meet the needs of enterprises with limited resources and support the introduction of new innovative services."

About İşbank API Portal:

Currently, 35 APIs such as the following ones are available for the use of enterprises and organizations over the API Portal:

- Instant loan extension and payment by loan,
- Remittance/EFT transfer,
- Viewing exchange rate information,
- Calculating currency exchanges,
- Viewing deposit interest rates,
- Donation Transactions;
- Toll collection (HGS) transactions,
- Viewing account movements and balance,
- ATM/Branch location information,
- Wage Payment and logging in with İşbank credentials.

With İşbank’s APIs that offer ready-to-use banking functions, 29 different entegrations with third parties have been completed with more than 20 more are in the entegration process.


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