What We Do

What We Do

​According to your preference you can choose the types of transactions that can be done on digital channels.

• “Unrestricted” option can be set via our Bankamatiks and Branch Offices.
• “Standard”, “Semi-Restricted” and “Restricted” options can be set via Internet Branch, Bankamatiks,Telephone Branch and Branch Offices.​

​We Provide you with Control of Time

At your discretion, we allow you to identify days and hours when you can log on Internet Branch and prevent any access at any other time. Particularly the users who have Internet connection only at the office or school are automatically provided with a security shield when they are out of the office. If you want to control the time, you can activate this feature by going to “Settings” → “Security Settings” → “Access Security” steps on Internet Branch.

We Recognize your Computer
If you log out with a fixed IP, we deny access requests from IPs other than your IP address or IP range. You can activate this feature by going to “Settings” → “Security Settings” → “Access Security” steps on Internet Branch.

​We Inform you

We log our customer's activities, failed ID verification attempts; if incorrect information is given when logging on Internet Branch, we display an alert message on welcome page and provide information about which information was entered incorrectly and the time of failed access attempts.
By showing the last date and time of your access to our Internet Branch, we help identify if the internet banking is used by someone other than you.
If you enter your customer PIN for 5 times incorrectly or your commercial PIN for 3 times incorrectly, your PIN is automatically blocked. You can define a new PIN using our Telephone Banking or Internet Banking and IsCep via Instant PIN.

We Identify Ourselves with a Greeting Message
Against all fake website threats, we verify that you are at our Bank's Internet Branch by a greeting message you can define.
If you have not defined a greeting message, when entering to Internet Branch you will be asked to define a greeting message. Like your PIN and other security information, you are required to secure the confidentiality of your greeting message.  You can always change your greeting message by going to “Settings” → “Security Settings” →“Greeting Message”.
We use “https” protocol on our Internet Branch. When our Internet Branch is opened, a padlock icon appears on your browser. When you double click this icon, on security certificate window must appear which is our Bank's Internet address.

We Use Virtual Keyboard for your PIN Entries
We provide a virtual keyboard when you are logging on our Branch or any other field where we ask you to enter PIN. Thus, we help you secure your customer PIN from malicious software such as key-logger.

​We Allow You to Set Limits for Transactions Requiring Cash Outflow from Your Account

We provide you with the opportunity to set limit per transaction or daily total limit for transactions such as Wire Transfer, EFT, donation, loading TL and change games. Providing that our Bank's limits are not exceeded, you can increase your limits as you need or minimize your limits when you will not use these transactions.
We Send SMS Notification
If you use SMS Notification System, our system sends you an automatic SMS informing you about the transaction at the moment when any money transaction is done like Money Transfer, EFT etc. You can change SMS Notification settings by going to “Settings” → “Security Settings” → “Transaction Limits” steps on Internet Branch.

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