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Software applications such as Trojan, Key Logger and Screen Logger​

Known as Trojan or Trojan horses, these viruses allow remote access to your personal computers. It can be said that they are composed of two different modules in general. While the first module allows hacker to remote access and control over your computers, the second module creates a back door which enables a connection between your computer and the hacker.

Software applications such as Trojans cannot be downloaded unless you authorize them. Documents including .ini or .exe extensions may harbour these little Trojan viruses. Remember to check your system with up-to-date antivirus software, especially before installing the freeware. You should continuously update your antivirus software from its official site and protect your computer with a firewall program.

Basically, Key-logger can be defined as a small scaled application which regularly transfers information to another person without the main user’s notice. Hackers may use one of the known key logger applications or create a key-logger themselves and send these small applications to other computers. After key-logger is installed automatically in another remote computer, it generally starts to work secretly and it regularly transmits the registered data to the hackers as it is programmed. Commonly it logs all of the keyboard types to its buffer memory and transmits these data.

Both Screen Logger and key-logger basically have the same principle. However, screen logger programs store not only transferred data and keyboard types but also your screen shots. Upon clicking a spot on your screen, screen logger takes a photo of whole of or a part of this scene (generally a small square centered by the mouse) and it transfers a current photo to a temporary address on the Internet.


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