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​​Using an updated internet browser is extremely important in terms of using the Internet Branch fast and secure. Malwares often exploit deficiencies in outdated operating systems and internet browsers.

It is essential to keep your Operating System, browser and third party applications up to up to date for fast and secure online banking transactions. Malwares often exploit deficiencies in outdated OS, browser and/or third party applications (such as Adobe Flash, Java etc.). Updates and newer versions fixes the known deficiencies and bugs, thus improving stability and security.

For security reasons, it is prohibited to use online banking from older versions of browsers. 

You can check the version of your browser through “About” link in “Help/Tools” menu.

In order to use online banking, minimum browser requirements are:

Google Chrome version 58. To update please visit:
Internet Explorer version 11. To update please visit:
Mozilla Firefox version 45. To update please visit:​ 

We recommend you to check your browser version regularly and always use latest version.

​You may download the latest version  from​.

If you are using earlier versions instead of Internet Explorer 11, you can also browse with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Due to compatibility view, your browser can operate as earlier versions even if you are using Internet Explorer 11.You can check your browser mode from Tools > F12 developer tools menu.​

​You may download Safari Internet browser from​​​ page. In case there is an update, information will be provided by Apple Software Update software to the fact that there is an update, and update will be automatically performed in case you grant approval.​​

​You may download the latest version of Firefox Internet browser from​​​​ page. You may check as to whether the browser is up to date by clicking on “Help” -> “About Firefox” menu after you download the last version. If there is a new version on your PC, your browser will automatically download the updates.​

​You may download the latest version of Google Chrome Internet browser from​​/​ page. After you download the latest version, click on the key icon that is on the right of the address bar. You may check as to whether your browser is up to date by clicking on “About Google Chrome” menu. If there is a new version, your browser will automatically download the updates.​​


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