Branchless Term Deposit Account

​By means of a Branchless Term Deposit Account you would not be required to visit a branch and moreover you would obtain a higher return on your term deposits in comparison to those opened at a branch.​

General Information

Branchless Term Deposit Acccount for your savings from İş Bankası!
You can open Branchless Term Deposit Account in a currency of TRY, EUR and USD by Internet Branch, Bankamatik, İşCep or İşwap. By courtesy of  Branchless Term Deposit Accounts, you can benefit more advantageous interest rates than term deposits opened  via our branches.
You can reach interest rates special to Branchless Term Deposit Account from here. 
For opening Branchless Term Deposit Account click here , for taking your customer password click here.
Product Features
You can open Branchless Term Deposit Account for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, 2 and 3 years and even for any period you want from 28 days to 1096 days. 
You can benefit from advantageous interest rates. 
If you don’t have instructions to the contrary, your account renew with same maturity and actual interest rates special to İnternet Branch, Bankamatik, İşCep or İşWap  until account is closed. 
Branchless Term Deposit Account was launched on 19.06.2008. Consequently advantageous interest rates are available for accounts which were opened after 19.06.2008. Mutual accounts and accounts from overseas branches cannot benefit from Branchless Term Deposit Account interest rates.​


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