Vision and Objectives

The most prefered, trustworthy, 
Leading bank in Turkey!

Our Vision

To be the most preferred bank by customers, shareholders and employees by maintaining the leading, pioneering and trusted position as a regional financial power.

Our Objectives

​For Our Customers

• To be the bank that is the most preferred service provider in all the sectors and customer groups that we target, 
• to provide our customers comprehensive, reliable and high-quality service by means of our competent employees, extensive branch network and non-branch banking channels, 
• to abide by our high business ethics and principles without compromise.

For Our Shareholders

• to consistently increase the value of our shares, 
• to operate with effective risk management.

For Our Employees

• To be a preferred employer and offer employees programs and training opportunities that will foster their personal and professional development,
• to propagate our customer-focused approach among all our personnel,
• to support and encourage loyalty, assuming responsibility and creativity,
• to deploy an employee hiring, evaluation, appointment and advancement system that is based on competencies and performance and that is fair and trustworthy

In Summary,
İşbank’s goal is “to consistently increase the value it creates for its shareholders as a bank that responds to its customers’ needs quickly, effectively and with high-quality solutions and that encourages its employees to achieve a high level of performance in their jobs”.

Our Values

• Honest and trustworthy
• Leading, pioneering and innovative
• Customer oriented with a strong focus on high quality
• Respectful to society, human rights and environment
• Transparent

Our Strategy

Our strategy is sustainable and profitable growth based on “the bank closest to customers” philosophy in an effort to fulfill our vision and objectives.


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