Our Processes

​Top management of İsbank is responsible for the control and the implementation of Sustainability Policies. Every individual employee is also responsible for internalizing and applying the policies under the guidance of the related documentation. 

Every process has its own qualitative and quantitative sustainability goals and objectives. Key performance indicators of sustainability are continuously monitored with regular audits and any necessary corrective and preventive actions are fulfilled.

The implementation of objectives can be measured by indicators that can be monitored and controlled through regular sustainability audits  within the Bank.

Results of audits and implementation of activities are evaluated by top management during management review process, and the necessary actions are taken in order to continuously improve  sustainability performance.

In the framework of Sustainability Management System, the following processes are structured in İsbank:

• Tracking the internal environmental effects of Headquarter buildings (electricity consumption, natural gas consumption, etc.),

• Managing environmental and social impacts caused by credit allocation activities,

• Developing capability via organizing training activities about sustainability,

Calculating greenhouse gas emissions of Headquarter buildings as a part of our support for fighting against climate change,

Preparing Sustainability Reports in order to be able to share our sustainability based activities,

• Controlling and auditing all activities regarding Sustainability Management System,

• Presenting all sustainability based activities to top management review and determining activities and strategies to be carried out in the future.


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