Environmental and Social Impacts

​Isbank has always given utmost importance to incorporate environmental and social impacts of projects as a high priority issue in financing process. Owing to this, environmentally friendly projects providing social benefits and enabling efficient use of resources constitute a considerable part of our financing portfolio.

Through the activities of the Environmental and Social Management Team which has been established under the roof of Project Finance Unit, our bank meticulously reflects its sensitivity towards sustainability not only to its working processes but also to the projects to be financed. The team diversifies its efforts in different topics such as; continuously developing its own processes in terms of identifying environmental and social risks in project financing, rating these risks via the custom-made Environmental Risk Evaluation Tool (ERET) model and ensuring legal compliance under environmental and social topics. In addition to all these, the team constantly undertakes project specific follow-ups while ensuring if required measures are taken and potential improvements are considered.  

Taking advantage of the support from competent independent consultants and the insights obtained via regularly undertaken site visits, Environmental & Social Management Team monitors investments, manages project specific risks and supports the realisation of the financed projects in a way to create added value in terms of environmental & social dimensions.


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