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Human Resources Functions at İşbank

It was aimed that, the conformity between the priorities of the human resources function that has been restructured in 2009, and the priorities of the corporate strategy is maintained more efficiently, proactive human resources solutions in line with the Bank’s goals and plans are developed, motivation and loyalty of the employees are sustained increasingly by adopting high performance culture, the Bank’s position as “Preferred Employer” is strengthened, and competitive advantage provided by qualified work-force is increased.

In line with this, the Human Resources Management Division, Human Resources Partnership Division, Human Resources Service Center Division and Talent Management Division carried out their operations according to the aforementioned principles.

In 2009, partnerships were carried out with most of the divisions in the Bank. Within this context, the needs of all Head Office Divisions, primarily the Retail, Private, Commercial and Corporate Banking Divisions were dealt with related to various fields of human resources such as hiring, placement, career development, employee performance, training and employee communication, which would contribute to their business objectives.

Our practices were carried out intensely in 2009 in order to closely monitor the employee performance, take measures for their improvement, strengthen the feedback mechanism between the managers and employees and to improve the performance management process, with the aim of improving employee performance constantly and maximizing their contribution to the Bank’s business results.

Wide range of trainings, which are appropriate for the needs of both the employees and business units, were provided for personal and professional development of the employees.

With advisory assistance regarding assessments, activities were conducted for the “Establishment of the Center of Measurement, Assessment and Development” and within this context, primarily the prevailing competence model was revised in accordance with the Bank’s new business model. In this context, the new competencies were used for the first time in the employment processes during the year.

In the year 2009, efforts were continued to be made on the implementation of the technological solution of the new Human Resources Management System in the area of Human Resources technologies. The first phase of the project is planned to be completed in 2010.

“Business Life Evaluation Survey”, which will provide a basis for the sharing of opinions of the employees, by measuring employee loyalty and satisfaction to lead the development and improvement activities in the Bank, was realized in October 2009. Required planning and organization in 2010 is projected in order for the actions to be taken in the areas of development and improvement which were determined in the light of the evaluation of results of the mentioned survey.

Human Resources Help Desk, which is aimed to register and reply all inquiries, issues and demands regarding Human Resources functions from the employees, retired personnel and the candidates, who want to work at İşbank through a single center and report systematically in order to provide input regarding Human Resources operations, began to operate on September 1st, 2009.

Centralization of HR operations are being continued taking into consideration the operational efficiency principles.