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İşbank’s Transformation Journey: Customer Centric Transformation (in Turkish: MOD)

İşbank launched the Customer Centric Transformation Program at the end of 2006 in line with its vision “to be the most preferred bank in Turkey by customers, shareholders, and employees by maintaining its leading, pioneering, and trustworthy position.” With this Program, İşbank aims to further advance its position in Turkey and in the sector.

The objective of the transformation at İşbank is to provide services with a more customer-focused approach.
MOD aims to implement the ongoing improvement in areas of organizational structure, processes, human resources, and technology at İşbank with a systematic and integrated approach. In order to reinforce İşbank’s position in the increasingly competitive Turkish banking sector and to respond to these changing market conditions, the MOD Program is structured around these four main objectives:

  • To increase operational efficiency and commercial effectiveness through improvement of sales competency and reduction of costs
  • To form a more effective and efficient organizational structure to meet customer needs
  • To improve the current performance management system
  • To improve and increase the efficiency and capabilities of the technological infrastructure.


The MOD Program was launched at the end of 2006.


Customer segmentation
Customers were divided into segments to better understand customer needs and to provide diversified value propositions. Products and services were restructured specifically for each of these segments. Four business units were formed for customers: Retail, Private, Commercial, and Corporate.

Regional structuring
The MOD Program established 24 retail and 24 commercial banking sales regions. In addition, 20 SME Loans Underwriting regions and 8 Credit Intelligence and Financial Analysis regions were established in parallel with the restructuring of the credit and information functions.

Change management and training
Intensive training and coaching programs were planned in order to prepare the organization for the cultural change. Competency assessments were completed for all employees.

IT infrastructure
Initial applications of data mining, campaign management, and sales lead management of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project were launched.


Branch business model
The new “branch business model” that clearly distinguishes between sales and operation activities began to be rolled-out to branches.

Customer Relationship Management
The Customer Relationship Management program was rolled out in all branches and became ready to be used effectively by the sales teams.

Processes centralized and/or improved during 2008 have been influential in the reduction of operational tasks and increasing focus on sales at branches.

Lean organizational structure
Human Resources, Information Technologies, and Finance functions have been restructured. As a result of improvements to other functions as well, the organizational structure has become leaner.

Change management and training
The Sales Academy was established within the scope of training activities directed at enhancing the sales competencies of employees and MOD trainings were given to nearly 19,000 İşbank employees. In addition, coaching sessions were held with managers from branches and the Bank’s headquarters in line with the change leadership role they would undertake during the transformation.

IT infrastructure
The Bank developed the Credit Management Application (CMA), which was rolled out in all of the branches.


Customer Relationship Management
A “Customer Experience Platform” that will manage the “multi-channel customer experience” was launched.

Operational tasks equivalent to a 3,500-person workforce were shifted from branches to the operations units, where the size of workforce needed to manage the same amount of operational work was only 1500 employees. This reduction not only decreased costs, but also allowed branches to focus more on sales activities.

Branch business model
İşbank has completed the implementation of the new “branch business model” in all of its branches.

ADC structuring
The Alternative Distribution Channel functions have been restructured within the scope of the MOD’s fundamental principles.

Performance management
Performance scorecards, which allow the integration of strategies with employee targets, are ready to be used for all employees. Human resources applications have been restructured within the context of MOD perspective.

Change management and training
İşbank has established a training system that aims to promote and to enhance the competencies of the Bank’s sales force. To achieve these objectives, each İşbank employee was given an average of 55 hours of training. Change management activities have been resumed in order to acclimate the workforce to the new business culture.

İşbank has fulfilled the fundamental objectives of the Customer Centric Transformation Program and has implemented the changes necessary to strengthen its leading position in the increasingly competitive Turkish banking sector. Moreover, İşbank has restructured its approach to its customers via MOD and has successfully fulfilled an important step in becoming “The Most Preferred Bank by Customers.”