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İşbank since 1924

  • İşbank has taken on important duties in Turkey’s economic development in the first years of the Republic when capital accumulation was scarce.
  • Founded to put even the smallest amount of savings to good use and allocate it to economic development, İşbank has played a major role in inculcating and developing the fundamental concept of saving among the Turkish people.
  • In the years that followed, İşbank started to expand its presence, growing across the country by opening branches.
  • Setting up its first overseas branches in 1932 in Hamburg, Germany, and Alexandria, Egypt, İşbank became the first Turkish bank to establish a branch in a foreign country.
  • The 1950s was a period when İşbank expanded its participations portfolio.
  • As the Bank’s participations became the engines of Turkish industry, many investments were made in a wide range of commercial sectors, led by the manufacturing industries, and were supplemented with additional financial support. Continuing the momentum of expanding its branch network in the 1960s and 1970s, İşbank placed special emphasis on the development of its overseas branch network in the 1980s.
  • During the 1980s, İşbank begins to provide an extensive array of services to its customers in line with its multi-channel banking vision.
  • In 1982, İşbank introduces ATMs to Turkey and effectively brands the term “Bankamatik.”
  • In 1997, by rolling out the “Blue Line” and introducing internet banking for the first time in Turkey, İşbank also becomes the pioneer in these areas.
  • In an effort to increase its service level and product range in line with customer demands and expectations, İşbank has conducted Research & Development activities and led in the deployment of new technologies in successive years.
  • Relocating its headquarters from Ankara to Istanbul in 2000, İşbank sustained its steady growth trajectory.
  • The Bank launched the biggest transformation project in its history, adeptly foreseeing the changes the world and national economies would undergo: İşbank focuses on customer oriented restructuring in line with its strategic goals.
  • In parallel with the accelerated advancement of technology in recent years, İşbank continues to expand its multi-channel delivery network to enable customers to complete all of their transactions easily, securely, and quickly via their most preferred alternative distribution channel 24/7.