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Turkey’s Bank

Growing through our strength…

The “İş” brand
The “İş” brand, identified with the phrase “Turkey’s Bank,” unites long-standing tradition, trust, a pioneering spirit, and innovation all under one roof.

Sustainable and strong financial structure
With its sustainable and strong financial structure, İşbank contributes to the domestic economy, generates value for its shareholders and stakeholders, and manages its assets effectively and efficiently.

Skilled human resources
The Bank’s workforce of more than 22,000 employees comprises one of the cornerstones that give the competitive advantage to İşbank, known as the “banking academy” of Turkey since its establishment. İşbank encourages its employees to be creative and strides confidently into the future with them.

Ubiquitous service
İşbank provides service ubiquitously to millions of customers via a multi-channel delivery network and more than 1,000 branches.

İşbank continues to grow through its strength. It is confidently progressing toward completion of its first centennial with the same fundamental mission established 85 years ago.