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İşbank in 2009

Private Banking

Value of customized services
İşbank provides its private banking customers, who make up a significant portion of the Bank’s total assets, with financial products and services tailored to their needs and expectations with a “personalized service” approach. Mutual trust, confidentiality, and high-quality services form the foundation of İşbank private banking activities. İşbank aims to meet customer needs from a single point and with complete customer satisfaction.

36,000 private banking customers
Starting in 2010, İşbank’s private banking customers should have a net worth of TL 250,000 and above. According to this criteria, the Bank manages more than TL 25 billion in assets for more than 36,000 private banking customers.

In 2009, İşbank launched capital protected and capital guaranteed funds made up of various underlying assets and deposit products that have been developed to meet various investment needs of private banking customers and the sector dynamics.

Capital protected and capital guaranteed funds rolled out during 2009 were high in demand.
Of the demand for capital protected and capital guaranteed funds offered to the public during 2009, most originated from private banking customers. In 2009, advantageous retail loan packages, prepared according to personalized limits, were offered through direct communication within the scope of providing diversified products and services to private banking customers.

Firmly believing in the fact that high-quality market information has a significant role in asset management, İşbank continued to share daily, weekly, and monthly reports on money and capital markets with customers on a regular basis in 2009.

İşbank provides services to private banking customers at 22 locations.
İşbank offers high-quality private banking services with complete customer confidentiality at 22 locations in select branches in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. In addition, İşbank inaugurated its Istanbul Private Banking Branch, the Bank’s first specialized branch to offer private banking services, in 2009.

Customer Relationship Managers, serving a limited number of customers in their portfolios, located in the branches offer all types of traditional banking products and services as well as a wide array of investment opportunities, including products tailored to the risk profile of each customer.

İşbank has gathered all its most privileged services for private banking customers under the “Privia” brand.

Privia Program
İşbank has gathered all its most privileged services for private banking customers under the “Privia” brand.

The Privia Card offers İşbank customers personalized services, like priority and one on one services at all domestic and international İşbank branches, cost-free banking transactions, Type-A and Type-B Privia Funds, Privia Pension Plans underwritten by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, benefits in the health and culture areas, and Millennium Lounge service at airports with an unlimited number of guests.

İşbank will further strengthen its presence in the private banking business line.
İşbank will continue to focus on improving its services and presence in the private banking business line in 2010. The Bank will also continue to enhance and improve privileges offered through the Privia Card.

İşbank is determined to evaluate the opportunities to provide new products and services to customers in light of the changing and improving market conditions. In 2010, the Bank will focus on acquiring new customers and enhancing relationships with existing customers in order to expand its private banking portfolio.