The members of the Credit Committee established as per the resolution of the Board of Directors, dated 30.02.2012, Nr. 38222 are Mr.
Adnan Bali, Chief Executive Officer, who is Chairman of the Committee and permanent member; Vice Chairman of the Board Mrs. Füsun
Tümsavaş and member of the Board Mr. Hasan Koçhan. Board members M. Mete Başol and Aysel Tacer are alternate members of the Credit
Credit Revision Committee
Being one of the committees of the Board of Directors, the Credit Revision Committee is constituted every year as per the article of Revision
of Limits within the context of Credit Risk Policy, within the framework of the principle of reviewing the loan portfolio, evaluating the
relations with loan customers at the end of the year by reviewing the commercial loans portfolio and revising, when necessary, the credit
limits allocated to the said persons and corporations for the following year.
Within this framework, as per the resolution of the Board dated 12.12.2011, Nr. 37986, the Credit Revision Committee; consisting of Vice
Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Füsun Tümsavaş and Board Members Mr. Hasan Koçhan, Mrs. Aysel Tacer and Mr. Murat Vulkan; individually
reviewed 438 individual or group firms whose general limits/risk ceilings are above USD 20 million and which are under the responsibility
of Corporate and Commercial Loans Underwriting Divisions. The firms/risk groups of which the risk perceptions are respectively lower were
evaluated on an overall basis. Furthermore, 29 correspondent banks of whose general limits are above USD 200 million were evaluated and
the Committee completed its evaluations as of 21.03.2012.
As per the resolution of the Board of Directors dated 06.12.2012, Nr. 38729, the current Credit Revision Committee, consisting of Vice
Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Füsun Tümsavaş and Board members Mr. Hasan Koçhan, Ms. Aysel Tacer and Mr. Murat Vulkan, continues its
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was established as per the Regulation on Social Responsibility Practice, which was adopted
with the resolution of the Board and its members are Board Members Mrs. Aynur Dülger Ataklı and Ms. Aysel Tacer, Vice Chief Executives Mr.
Özcan Türkakın and Mr. Yalçın Sezen and Head of the Corporate Communications Division Mr. Suat E. Sözen.
The Committee operates in accordance with the Regulation principles, by considering the basic fields of contribution, which are determined
as education, culture and art, health, protection of the environment and other activities.
In 2012, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee held 10 meetings and adopted 30 resolutions.
Risk Committee
Risk Committee is responsible for formulating the risk management strategies and policies İşbank will adhere to both on a consolidated and
unconsolidated basis, presenting them to the İşbank Board of Directors for approval and monitoring compliance with them. The Committee
is the common communication platformwith the Bank’s executive divisions in terms of assessing the risk the Bank is exposed to, making
suggestions about the measures to be taken and methods to be followed. The Committee’s principal duties are the following:
• Prepare the risk strategies and policies and present to the Board for approval,
• Adjudicate by negotiating the issues addressed by Risk Management Division,
• Recommend to the Board regarding the level of risk limits for exposures, monitor the breach of limits and recommend to the Board
regarding elimination of those breaches,
• Recommend to the Board changes in risk policies,
• Monitor risk identification, definition, measurement, assessment and management processes carried out by Risk Management Division,
• Monitor accuracy and reliability concerning the risk measurement methodologies and their results.
Committee Members:
• Füsun Tümsavaş: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of Risk Committee.
• Adnan Bali: Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Head of Credit Committee
• Ertuğrul Bozgedik: Deputy Chief Executive
• Senar Akkuş: Deputy Chief Executive, Head of Asset & Liability Management Committee
• Gamze Yalçın: Head of Risk Management Division
Risk Committee contributes to the formation of group risk policies structured on a consolidated basis including both financial and non-
financial participations of the Bank. In the activities that the Risk Committee carries out on a consolidated basis,
• Özcan Türkakın, Deputy Chief Executive
• Burhanettin Kantar, Head of Equity Participations Division
also attend the meetings.
In 2012, the Risk Committee met a total of 12 times 4 of which were on a consolidated basis. In addition to the risk management evaluations
of İşbank and its participations under consolidation, 12 risk management reports were submitted to the Committee and resolutions were
adopted about risk management systems and processes.
Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report
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