development, by taking into account their skills, staff is employed according to their skills at positions that they fit best, in terms of satisfying
the needs of the Bank and productivity.
İşbank employee candidates are informed about Human Resources practices and hirings through the Bank’s Human Resources website
An orientation program is applied for newly hired personnel for the purpose of accelerating adaptation period and increase efficiency.
Through İşbank’s Corporate Intranet Portal, which was formed in order to enhance information sharing within the Corporation and
to communicate with employees more effectively, all the employees are given the opportunity to have quick access to the Bank’s
regulations, activities of divisions, job descriptions and distributions, performance management practices, up-to-date announcements and
supplementary sources.
Furthermore, suggestions, requests and questions of employees and other interested parties regarding human resource practices are
evaluated via Human Resources Help Desk.
In İşbank there are labor union representatives who are assigned by BASİSEN (Labor Union of Banks and Insurance Companies) under which
İşbank employees are organized. Labor union representatives have a constructive and effective role in forming communication between the
Bank and the employees.
Every two years a Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed by the Bank and BASİSEN. The last Collective Bargaining Agreement that
was signed covers the period between 01.04.2010 – 31.03.2012. Collective Bargaining negotiations, that will cover the period between
01.04.2012 – 31.03.2014, commenced on 02.01.2013 due to the amendment of related regulation.
It is essential for İşbank that human rights are respected and that there is not any discrimination based on race, language, religion and sex.
14. Ethical Principles and Social Responsibility
Together with its equity participations, İşbank is one of the biggest economic players in Turkey with its contribution to economy, public
interest oriented vision, high level of employment creation and awareness of social responsibility which is among İşbank’s management
İşbank has adopted Code of Banking Ethics published by The Banks Association of Turkey. The code of ethics has been disclosed to the
public through the Bank’s corporate website.
Since its establishment, focusing seriously on the issues, which are the basic needs of the modern society and which are directly related to
the country’s future, İşbank supports, within the framework of the Regulation on Social Responsibility Practice formed in 2007, the social
responsibility projects in education, environment, culture and arts, which are qualified to be long-lasting, being able to advance the society,
far-reaching, sustainable and extendable.
Detailed information regarding these activities can be found on İşbank’s corporate website and annual reports.
15. Structure and Composition of the Board of Directors
İşbank’s Board of Directors has 11 members as listed below
Name, Surname
H. Ersin Özince
Füsun Tümsavaş
Adnan Bali
Prof. Dr. Savaş Taşkent
Hasan Koçhan
Aynur Dülger Ataklı
M. Mete Başol
Mustafa Kıcalıoğlu
Vice Chairman
Member of the Board and CEO
Member of the Board
Member of the Board
Member of the Board
Member of the Board
Member of the Board
Aysel Tacer
Hüseyin Yalçın
Member of the Board
Member of the Board
Murat Vulkan
Member of the Board
Board of Directors, excluding the chief executive officer, comprises of non-executive members.
The election of İşbank Board members is implemented according to article 25 of the Articles of Incorporation and the Banking Law. As per
the Banking Law, the chief executive officer of the Bank and, in his absence, his deputy shall be a natural member of the Board.
Backgrounds and terms of office of the Board of Directors of İşbank along with the committees in which they take charge are presented in
the annual reports.
Although there is no restriction for the Board members to work elsewhere, some activities of Board members have been defined as
“Forbidden Activities” in article 32 of the Articles of Incorporation of İşbank.
Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report
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