7. Transfer of Shares
Transfer of shares can be done in accordance with the related legislation and the Articles of Incorporation of İşbank.
8. Public Information Policy
İşbank has formed an Information Policy which aims to submit the required information and disclosures, except for trade secrets, to the
shareholders, investors, employees, clients, creditors and other related parties within the framework of related regulations. Information
Policy, which has been formed by the Board of Directors, is available on İşbank’s corporate website.
Public disclosures, along with monitoring and improvement of the Information Policy of İşbank are under the authority and responsibility
of the Board of Directors. The Investor Relations Division has been assigned for the coordination of disclosure function. The authorized
personnel of the aforementioned Division fulfill their responsibilities in close cooperation with the Audit Committee and the Board of
Main foresights determined within the framework of the annual business plan at the beginning of 2012 have been substantially realized and
the results obtained have been disclosed to public through annual reports and financial statements.
9. Türkiye İş Bankası Corporate Website (
İşbank’s website is actively and intensely used for public disclosures and informing activities. The website includes the information and data
required by the Corporate Governance Principles and regulatory authorities, both in Turkish and in English. Utmost care is given to keep the
website updated.
10. Annual Report
İşbank Annual Report includes the necessary information and data required by the related regulations and is prepared both in Turkish and in
11. Informing Stakeholders
İşbank’s stakeholders are regularly informed about required subjects through press releases, press conferences, interviews, annual reports,
news on the website, disclosures and various meetings. Within this context, the necessary corporate organisation has been made to fulfill
the information demands of shareholders, employees and customers.
Functions related to informing the employees about the human resources practices and policies are conducted by Human Resources
Management Division and, in this context, İşbank’s Corporate Intranet Portal is used effectively. Human Resources Help Desk operates in
order to answer the questions of HR employees on the related issues and to develop solutions.
The transactions which are subject to complaint can generally be delivered directly to those concerned, Head Office, The Board of Inspectors
and The Board of Directors by the stakeholders.
12. Participation of Stakeholders in the Bank Management
İşbank employees and pensioners participate in the management of the Bank through İşbank Members’ Supplementary Pension Fund,
which is a shareholder of the Bank. Other shareholders are represented in the management of İşbank in line with the regulations of the
Articles of Incorporation.
Furthermore, there is a proposal mechanism by which employees may make suggestions regarding the activities of the Bank. İşbank has an
online communication platform through which employees may submit their requests and complaints to the Senior Management directly.
13. Human Resources Policy
Human Resources Policies of İşbank are based on the principles of equal opportunity, fairness, transparency and performance. The related
policies are implemented with the aim of increasing the means for employee progress adhering to basic rules of conduct and ethical values.
Human resources needs are met in line with İşbank’s vision and mission in respect of human resources, through recruiting people who have
the required qualifications for the job using convenient evaluation methods and instruments. In this context, fundamental recruitment
criteria are defined in written format and the hiring processes are carried out according to these criteria.
In principle, only employees fromwithin the institution are employed in İşbank’s managerial positions. When there is a need in areas that
require expertise, including professional consulting, external human resources may be utilized.
Performances of the employees are evaluated within the framework of personnel evaluation criteria suitable to their positions periodically
by face to face interviews with the employees; strengths and/or weaknesses of the employees are defined to increase their performances
and also to prepare them for a higher position, related development and education schemes are formed; activities are designed for the
purpose of realization of these plans and meeting the educational needs. In line with a career management philosophy based on constant
Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report
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