İşbank is subject to Banking regulations and provisions of the Corporate Governance Principles which are applicable to the Banks according
to the Capital Markets Legislation. The Bank’s activities regarding the non-compulsory provisions are stated in the relevant sections below.
During the year, activities particularly with regard to developing Corporate Governance Principles structure that the Bank is subject to, have
been performed, information requests of our shareholders with respect to investor relations have been replied within the framework of the
relevant legislation, all information and documents required to be presented to stakeholders within the framework of related regulations
have been stated on the “Investor Relations” pages of our Bank’s corporate website, the disclosures have been made within the framework
of public disclosure legislation and stated on İşbank’s website.
2. Shareholders Relations Unit
Following list presents the names and contact details of employees who are working at the Investor Relations Division, which operates
under Mr. Mahmut Magemizoğlu, who is the Deputy Chief Executive of İşbank.
Name, Surname
Telephone Number
E-mail Address
Süleyman H. Özcan
Division Head
0212 - 316 16 00
Alper Turgal
Unit Manager
0212 - 316 16 10
Can Akıncılar
Assistant Manager
0212 - 316 16 08
Özge Han
Assistant Specialist
0212 - 316 16 23
Cansu Budak
Assistant Specialist
0212 - 316 16 21
Selin Özdemir
Assistant Specialist
0212 - 316 16 11
Özlem Yavaş
Assistant Specialist
0212 - 316 16 22
Ekin Önşan
Assistant Specialist
0212 - 316 16 24
Gürkan Ali Gülyüz
Section Head
0212 - 316 16 19
Zeynep Eylem Baş
Assistant Section Head
0212 - 316 16 20
Banu Çaylak
0212 - 316 16 02
Following are the principal activities performed by the Investor Relations Division:
• Responding to both the existing and potential investors’, rating agencies’, international lenders’ and other related institutions’ information
requests, which are not categorized as trade secrets or customer secrets, within the framework of related regulations,
• Participating in domestic and overseas investor meetings and conferences on behalf of İşbank and making presentations to the related
parties, when necessary,
• Making public disclosures about the material events and other information subject of announcement through related media and
institutions including ISE,
• Keeping the contents of the “Investor Relations” pages of İşbank’s corporate website updated,
• Working on the improvement of the Bank’s corporate governance practices,
• Coordination of preparations of General Meeting and Annual Report,
• Other activities related to Bank’s shareholders.
In the year 2012, more than 500 inquiries were sent to the Investor Relations Division via telephone and e-mail and all inquiries have been
replied. In the same year, Investor Relations Division participated in 9 foreign, 4 domestic investor conferences, besides, investor visits
have been made as a part of foreign borrowing processes; meeting with representatives of 245 investment institutions. Furthermore, the
Investor Relations Division hosted 62 investor meetings, 35 analyst meetings and 105 conference calls in its head office.
3. Use of Shareholders’ Right to Obtain Information
Information requests of shareholders regarding dividend distribution, capital increase, general meeting, annual report, Bank’s financial
statements and related issues, received by İşbank via mail, telephone, e-mail and other media are evaluated and replied in the most effective
and fastest way by the Investor Relations Division. The announcements for the shareholders within the scope of capital increase, dividend
distribution, General Meeting and the public disclosure legislation are made on İşbank’s Investor Relations website.
İşbank is audited regularly within the framework of primarily the Banking Law and the related regulations.
Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report
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