In 2012, İşbank hired 670 new employees to fill different positions in order to rapidly meet the increased need for work force arising from
both the growth in the Bank’s business and the opening of new branches. The Bank had 24,411 employees in total on its payroll as of 31
December 2012.
Designated as the industry’s “school of banking”, İşbank employs internationally recognized objective evaluation tools in its recruitment
processes aiming to win the best candidates for the Bank. In the recruitment processes carried out during 2012, regional/local hiring was
also realized, giving priority to effective management of processes and aiming to ensure candidate satisfaction. Shortened recruitment
processes and making job offers in locations that best fit the candidates’ places of residence strengthened İşbank’s position as the
“Preferred Employer”.
Designed to facilitate adaptation of new hires, support themwith technical information, provide themwith guidance in relation to the
working environment, and give them the fastest access through the most appropriate channels to the information they may require, the
“Welcome to the Job” program continued with further improved content during 2012. In this framework, new hires were given orientation
support from “Training Consultants” during the training period and from “Teammates” once they are actually on the job. In addition,
“Development Guidance” practice was launched for particular job categories.
Application development continued in 2012 for the Bank’s infrastructure such as the integrated HR Information Systems (İKON) and Social
Affairs application that will reduce HR operational costs and support effective use of the workforce. With projects carried out within this
context, applications were developed, which will ensure active involvement of employees in HR processes that concern them, and will
support accurate and safe storage of HR data. Research and development activities continued, which target incorporation of contemporary
practices such as the use of social media in HR processes. With the arrangements made on İKON, applications were created that will support
the decision-making processes of İşbank with more efficient and detailed information. The applications enable employees to directly
communicate the matters they deem useful to be known by the Human Resources Function, their wishes, complaints and private situations;
furthermore, additions were made to self-service applications on which employees are able to update their information. These efforts
received positive feedback within the frame of employee satisfaction.
Training activities at İşbank are designed and implemented so as to be both compatible with the Bank’s corporate objectives and
complementary to other Human Resources practices. Our employees are supported at every phase of their careers through training
programs that are molded in line with the Bank’s strategies. A training program organized within this frame, the “Banking Academy Sales
Training” was awarded in the “Excellence in Practice” category in the global competition held by ASTD (American Society for Training &
Development), the world’s most respectable and largest corporate training and development organization.
İşbank does not transfer intermediate level managers and all managers are trained and promoted fromwithin the Bank’s own personnel.
Therefore, the Bank places special emphasis on equipping the managers and manager candidates with the knowledge and skills they will
need in their prospective positions and titles. Technical and personal development programs are organized for this purpose.
İşbank Employee Performance Management practices are conducted with an innovative approach that will support the development of all
our employees with a special focus on new hires, that is compatible with our corporate culture and values, and that will strengthen collective
capital concept and culture of communication. In this context, the Bank aims to get to know its human resource more closely, reinforce
employee loyalty, and build on employee performance so as to drive the Bank’s business results.
The fringe benefits provided to the employees at İşbank are determined on the basis of a Collective Bargaining Agreement under the
provisions of applicable legislation. Managers and candidate managers working at İşbank branches and Head Office Divisions are paid an
“executive bonus” once a year.
While executive bonuses are paid on the basis of individual performance, care is also taken to make sure that bonuses are aligned with the
Bank’s long-term strategy and the risk exposure. Benefits provided to the Board Directors and senior executives are covered in the financial
statement footnotes.
A Work-Life Assessment Survey was conducted across İşbank in late 2011 to determine the loyalty of our employees to the Bank, to
establish how the managers’ management and leadership performance was perceived by their direct reports, and to measure satisfaction
with the Bank’s human resources practices. With the results of the survey released in 2012, judgments expressed by employees about
their line managers were reported individually to each manager as appropriate in order to provide themwith guidance for their own future
In addition, support is extended to the Operational Excellence Project, which is conducted for the purpose of increasing productivity in
the Joint Service Center (JSC) work processes, and therefore, enhancing customer satisfaction through HR practices targeted towards JSC
managers and teams.
Human Resources Functions at İşbank
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